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Five Things Friday! March 18th |St. Louis Family Photographer

Another Five Things Friday today!

1. The most exciting thing I’ve done recently was attend Sam Hurd’s EPIC workshop earlier this week. Sam first popped up on my radar ages ago, with his “Epic Portraits” series. He primarily photographs weddings now, and I actually loved that the workshop was geared towards wedding photographers, because it gave me a chance to do something really different and think outside my “babies/children/families” box. I figure there’s no point trying to learn from someone who does everything exactly like I do. (Although, I admit, I am a little envious of his ability to know that if he asks his subjects to stay still, they will!) I tried to spend more time listening and watching than actually photographing, but we did have a FANTASTIC location for our shoot.

St. Louis Family Photographer

My biggest takeaway from the workshop is that he just works his butt off. He uses tons of cool techniques like double-exposure, prisming, and the Brenizer method, all of which I was interested in before anyways, so it was really cool to get that shot of in-person inspiration. But what stood out to me the most was how important it is to just practice… keep practicing, and practice some more. So, now, basically my children are sick of me already, but if I can get decent at any of this cool stuff, I’ll be posting some tutorials, since teaching something is, after all, the best way to learn!

2. I’ve mentioned this on here before, but the long story short, we are building a new home across town. Our reasons for moving are pretty mundane, and for equally mundane reasons, we are putting our current home on the market in less than two weeks…. The kicker is, our new home isn’t anywhere close to ready. (In fact, we just got footers this week, and it felt like the end of a long, hard-fought battle…) So, we have a LOT of packing to do as most of our stuff will be going into long-term storage, and we have a to-do list a mile long before we start showing our current home (and what a shame we never do this stuff until we’re trying to sell – this is probably the best this place has looked!).

St Louis child photographer

(terrible cell phone pic, but look at all that cement! woohoo!)

So, our time crunch finally motivated me to outsource some of the decorating and design for the new house. I’m good at pinning a bunch of stuff on Pinterest, but not so good at pulling it all together into a cohesive home. If it was up to me, our house would be entirely white, black, dark wood, and copper. However, we have these pesky things like budgets and children and budgets. So, enter the decorator. I have my first meeting with her in about a week, and I’m nervous! Will she tell me everything I like is so last year? Will she laugh at my very not decorated or grown-up looking home now? Will she throw up her hands in frustration at my Pinterest stash of every great idea ever and my desire to incorporate them all?

3. The great part about packing and moving now, is that we can finally start playing outside! It’s warming up, the flowers are blooming, mulch is going in everywhere, and the girls are asking to go outside constantly! I love it, and the girls love running around with the dog in the backyard and picking flowers. I am going to miss finding these little treasures all over my house when they age out of this.

St Louis child photographer

St. Louis child photographer

4. Spring Mini Sessions! I’ve done an admittedly terrible job of advertising for them, but enough are booked that they’re definitely happening! There have been so many newborns in my life lately, which – don’t get me wrong – has been wonderful, but I’m getting really excited about doing some family and child sessions now that the weather is turning. I can’t wait to chase around some kiddos outside!

I’m booking a limited number of sessions this spring, to ensure I can still give families my full attention even with all this crazy moving stuff going on, so this is a great chance to get quick, updated photos. (You’ll even have outfits already if you put the kids in their Easter clothes!) They’ll be outside near flowering trees if at all possible, but we’ll move inside to the Jewel Box if it’s raining, so no worrying about having to reschedule.

child children kids

5. It’s Spring Break next week, y’all. The girls are even off school today. I have no plans except that mile-long to-do list. Yikes! I suspect there’ll be lots of movies, lots of dress-up, and hopefully some nice chunks of family time (??). Remind me that we need to plan a trip next year for Spring Break. I could really use a beach and a margarita right about now.

That’s it! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Jessica Glunt is a family and child photographer in St. Louis, Missouri. Contact me if you’re interested in a session!

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