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Happy Friday everyone! The husband and I have a kid-free date tonight, the weather is beautiful, and the weekend is all ahead of us! Here’s my usual end-of-week mismash.

1. Spring Mini Sessions went great! I’m going to blog a few soon, but my friend Sara blogged her family’s images over at Running from the Law. I love how hers turned out! It’s so hard to show up to a photo session relaxed and chill, but they did, and it made a world of difference. They’re such a spirited yet loving family, and it was delightful to capture some of that.

2. New house is coming along. The big thing this week was figuring out the fireplace mantel. You wouldn’t think that’d be such a big thing, but it totally was. I am one of those weird people who HATES having a television out, and there is nowhere else on the main floor to put a TV, except on the fireplace wall. So, trying to disguise it has been a challenge. We’ve finally settled on painting the wall behind it black in the hopes it will blend in. I’m apprehensive, but willing to give it a shot – it’s only paint, right?

In the meantime, I’ve been pinning mantels like crazy. I’m dying for a full wall of beautiful marble like this:

But um…. crazy expensive. So, I think I’m going to draw my inspiration from these:

And here is one with darker sides – can you picture a TV hanging on the wall unobtrusively?

And finally – I love this little shelf mantel so much I can’t even tell you. It’s ridiculous.

3. Can you believe it’s almost summer? As much as I love that my children are in preschool in the mornings (and as much as I’m dreading my oldest starting Kindergarten in the fall (!!!!!!!!)), summer is just the best. This morning, we booked Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City for the end of June. It looks cheesy and exhausting, but the girls are going to LOVE it. It’s not quite a margarita-on-a-quiet-beach type place, but I’m still really excited – and it’s indoors so no sunscreen, which is a huge plus in my book. We’ve never been before, so I’m open to any and all tips and tricks!

4. I’ve been vowing to photograph my own life more often. There’s no way I could do one of those daily (or even weekly) photo challenges. But, I can do a better job of documenting our girls. This is such a magical time in their lives – they are four and five, and delightful and awesome. I couldn’t ask for better subjects.

Julia asked us to take off her “stabilizers” (too much Peppa Pig!) last weekend. She did great! Lana and I hung out in the yard, rolled in the grass, and took some photos of it. I’m going to miss the heck out of this neighborhood.

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5. I’m not sure I have much else going on! I’d love to book a couple more sessions in June, and I’m willing to be flexible. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear from you! Anyone interested in a day-in-the-life type session? The freedom for the whole family to relax and ignore the camera, but then you get images that memorialize all those little details you know you’ll forget? Seems like that’d go along perfectly with summer’s laid-back attitude! Or, what about those warm late summer nights? I have a new amazing location that I’m going to get the girls out to as soon as I can. Keep an eye out for photos from there to come soon!

Jessica Glunt is a newborn and family photographer in St. Louis, Missouri. Booking all types of sessions for summer 2016. Contact me to chat, no pressure!

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