St. Louis Newborn & Family Photographer

About Me – Newborn & Family Photographer

JESGimg(photo credit: Leigh Webber Photography)

I’m a Texan living in St. Louis with my husband, our two girls, and our dog. I’m a former attorney and a science geek. I love summer and sunshine, cheap wine, and expensive cheese. I shoot Nikon and I may be slightly addicted to lenses and gear.

Before our two girls were born, Robert and I kept their chosen names a secret, not revealing that they would be “Julia” and “Lana” until they were here. But, our families needed something to call them, so my dad came up with Emma for my oldest and Constance for my youngest. These girls sparked my interest in photography, and those names symbolize everything I want to capture with my camera – family, babies, children, and love.



St. Louis, Missouri